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Extended School Closure Information (COVID-19)

Parent Letters

Copies of parent letters sent home can be found below:


Instructional/Grading Updates

  1. COVID-19 Grading Practices (4/17/2020)
  2. COVID-19 Instructional Schedule Changes (4/17/2020)

Learning at Home Resources

The District has created a set of webpages to aid parents in assisting their children with getting connected to school resources at home. Please view this link for more information:

  1. Learning at Home - Resources for Parents


Prior Written Notice Letters

  1. Hartford Jt. #1 - Prior Written Notice
  2. Hartford Jt. #1 - Prior Written Notice (Spanish)


Public Information

Updated 5/5/2020

New information is in red.

The Hartford Jt. 1 School District will be closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.

Student Belongings

During the next few weeks, the teachers will be allowed in the classroom on a rotation basis to gather students’ belongings from the lockers, desk and throughout their rooms. The belongings will be bagged and a set procedure in place so parents/guardians can drive to the building for curbside pick-up at each school. The scheduled dates for pick-up are May 18-22. Please see the recommended schedule below:

Monday, May 18, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Last name beginning with letters A-H
Tuesday, May 19, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Last name beginning with letters I-P
Wednesday, May 20, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Last name beginning with letters Q-Z
Thursday, May 21, 2:00 - 6:00 PM: Families unable to pick up during scheduled times
Friday, May 22, 9:00 AM - 1:00 PM: Families unable to pick up during scheduled times



The health room staff will also have any remaining medicine still in the schools ready for the curbside pick-up with student belongings. Please leave a message at the appropriate school with any questions:
Central 262-673-8940
Lincoln 262-673-2100
Rossman 262-673-8040


Summer School

In June and July, there will be no in-building summer school; instead, a virtual option will be offered.

Jump Start

This summer school program, which starts in August, is still under review. If the current public health emergency continues into the summer, Jump Start instruction will be canceled or offered through virtual and online learning.

Orchestra & Band Instruments

Students can keep their musical instruments over the summer. Eighth grade students that have completed their lessons for the year can return their instrument during the curbside pick-up time.


Students will be allowed to keep and use their District-issued computers over the summer. If families are planning to move before the start of the new school year, contact the technology department at 262-670-1678 or by email at covid-tech-help[at]hjt1.org[dot] The eighth-grade computer collection will be scheduled in August.


Balances left in accounts will roll over for the next school year. Payments will automatically be refunded for families of eighth grade students unless there are younger siblings in the District. In this case, balances will roll over for the next school year. If you are requesting a refund of fees, please make the request by calling 262-673-9033 (you may have to leave a message) or by email to cindy[at]hjt1[dot]org.


End of Year Recognition Programs

Virtual end of the year recognition programs will take place. Student awards will be mailed or delivered after the ceremony.

Wisconsin Forward Exam

Forward test windows will not open as scheduled due to statewide school closures directed by Governor Evers and the Department of Health Services.

Instructional Programming

Individualized learning paths and teacher assigned lessons will be utilized using Exact Path K-8 for Reading, ELA, and Mathematics. In addition, teachers may leverage online formats they are already using with students for providing content and assignments such as Google classroom or curriculum programs that provide students with online materials. 

Virtual students will maintain status quo for accessing online coursework and assignments.

Teachers may also assign hard copies of these learning packets for students to complete. 

Student Attendance

  • Present is defined by completing at least one assignment for the number of days in the week.  For example, if there are 5 school days in a week the student must complete at least 5 assignments/activities that have been planned for that given week. Please make every attempt to complete all work that is assigned.
  • Teachers will submit weekly attendance based on student’s completion of assignments as defined above. Please know your child(ren)’s teacher and/or school community coordinator will reach out if work is not completed.  Teachers will have regular contact with all students via their district email or Google Meet to support at-home learning and the completion of assignments.
  • If your child(ren) is/are ill, please communicate this with their classroom teacher so attendance can be recorded as excused.


Special Education Services

Teachers will plan ahead to ensure students have appropriate accommodations required for the student to continue to access Virtual Learning if it is appropriate for services to be administered online.

Special educators will work with students and caregivers ahead of the Virtual Learning Time to clarify expectations for learning and how support will be offered prior to and on the day.

Special education services that cannot be provided virtually within a reasonable amount of time will be rescheduled.

Case managers should be available throughout the day to communicate with students and parents. They will let students and caregivers know that if the students could not engage in the learning for the day that they would make up the learning. 

The District will provide a continuation of services to students upon their return to school. 

Special educators will continue to provide learning activities and make contact with students and parents in a variety of ways. When school resumes, we will work together to discuss services and instruction for your child in accordance with the Department of Public Instruction guidance on specialized instruction due to extended closures of schools: 



English Language Learners

  • Amy Maciolek, the District EL Coordinator, will be reaching out to families.  Her direct phone number is 262-673-3155 extension 4121.
  • Exact Path provides a translation tool for English Learner students to continue their learning path in their primary language. Other online platforms may also be utilized to support EL learners as well as hard copy materials. 



  • Since the District will be closed, bus service will be suspended until schools reopen for classes.


After School Activities & Building Rentals

  • After school activities will be canceled during an extended school closure and access to the building by non-district staff will be prohibited.  School policies, guidelines and building use contracts state “the District reserves the right to deny the use of school facilities when the Board deems it necessary. If school is canceled due to weather, snow emergency, etc. the (building use) contract is void.”


Emergency Closings Notifications

The School Emergency & Electronic Communications letter included with registration packets contains information to opt in for emergency text messages and emails from the District. A “Skylert” tab is available in the Skyward Family Access system. Skylert allows parents to easily setup their emergency contact preferences. If you have questions about your Skyward Family Access account or password, please contact your school office. If you have problems with the setup, please call 262-670-1678 for technical support.

School closings for the School District of Hartford Jt. #1 schools, other K-8 area schools and Hartford Union High School are announced as “HARTFORD AREA SCHOOLS.” If the School District of Hartford Jt. #1 has to close alone for an emergency, the closing will be announced as “HARTFORD JT. #1 SCHOOL DISTRICT” (this includes Central, Lincoln & Rossman Schools as well as our 4K sites and early childhood).

The District may also use a mass text, email and/or phone system to disseminate information. Parents of children at Lincoln, Rossman, 4K and early childhood sites are required to complete an Emergency Dismissal form indicating where their child is to go in the event it becomes necessary to dismiss before the end of the regular school day. If you have not completed this form or if information on this form has changed, it is your responsibility to notify the school your child attends.

  • When the District or school closes due to inclement weather or other emergency, all activities in the District or at the school will also be canceled for public use.
  • Food Service
  • While regional schools are closed, Hartford Union High School will be providing free meals to all children under 18. This food program is solely for pick-up of meals; meals will not be consumed on site. Pick up is 11:00-11:30am beginning March 17th and will last through Friday, May 29th. Pick up locations include Erin, Friess Lake and HNR. Pre-ordering is required. Click Here for additional information.

    Breakfast and lunch will continue to be served during the week of spring break.

  • State agencies are not required to provide meal service during school closures. The District is continuing to monitor USDA and Wisconsin DPI communications in case requirements, expectations or conditions change.

Balances left in accounts will roll over for the next school year. Payments will automatically be refunded for eighth grade students unless there are younger siblings in the District. In this case, balances will roll over for the next school year.

If you are requesting a refund of a food service balance, please make the request by calling 262-673-8048 (you may have to leave a message) or by email to seefeld[at]hjt1[dot]org.

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