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Questions & Answers

Learning Environment

Hartford Jt.#1 Virtual/Online program students can access their learning platform at on campus or off at any time of the day to meet their personal needs.

Students who have an online course in their schedule during the school day report to the Online/Virtual Lab at the start of the period. Mrs. Meyer will take attendance. Students who are virtual off campus can work on their coursework at any time during the day. Virtual students may also come to the Online/Virtual Lab at any time if they need assistance from the teacher.

Grade Levels offered: Grades K-*


Grades K-2:  K12 Inc.
Grades 3-8:  OdysseyWare

Grade K-5 students may also take an online/virtual course. The Hartford Jt#1 Elementary Online Program utilizes both K12 and Odysseyware as our curriculum partners.  Courses may be taken at the elementary school or virtually at home. In the lower grades if a course is taken virtually more of the work is done off the computer and with a parent as the learning coach.  Elementary students may take courses for a variety of reasons. If interested please contact the building principal or Mrs. Meyer, Virtual Program Coordinator.


Q. Who can take a Hartford Jt. #1 Online/Virtual Course?
A. Any student who resides within the boundaries of the school district can be part of the program. Students may take from one course to their entire course load as online or virtually.

Q..What does asynchronous learning mean?
A. Asynchronous learning is a studentcentered approach to learning that allows the flexibility for individuals to share information outside the constraints of time and place. Through the utilization of online tools such as online curriculum,discussion boards, videos, wikis, and blogs, students are able to learn at their own pace, taking advantage of the ubiquitous quality of an online environment.

Q. How many online classes can a student take?
A. Students may enroll in as few as one class (part-time) or all of their classes in an online environment. Students can supplement their face-to-face schedule with online classes for learning beyond the school day. A student may take any number of online courses or combination of traditional face-to-face classes as long as they meet state mandated requirements.

Q. Who are the teachers?
A. All teachers of the Hartford Jt. #1 program are highly qualified Wisconsin teachers. All of the teachers involved in the program are at Central Middle School except for World Language courses that are through our partners.

Q. Does Hartford Jt. #1 provide technical support?
A. Yes.  Hartford Jt. #1 Online/Virtual Program has dedicated technical support available to students using our district hardware. The district cannot provide technical support for personal computers beyond software utilization. The family is responsible for a home internet connection.

Q. What curriculum is taught at the Hartford Jt.#1 Online/Virtual program. Is the quality of the online courses the same as the traditional face-to-face courses?
A. All online course include similar content and rigor as the traditional courses taught in the district.

Q. Can my child work at his/her own pace?
A. Yes.  One of the benefits of taking an online course is that students can work at their own pace. They can work slower or faster as needed. If they need more time they can continue to work through the summer. They do need to complete the coursework by the end of summer.

Q. What courses can be taken online?
A. The online program includes a comprehensive listing of core and elective courses.

Q. How does my work get graded online?
A. Students submit their work electronically. Teachers review the work and provide feedback either electronically or face-to-face.  The grading practices are consistent with those established in a traditional school setting.

Q. How will I know if my child is not progressing in their classes?
A. Teachers also provide weekly pacing for students. This pacing is also provided to parents as needed. Teachers provide feedback to students enrolled in the Online/Virtual program in many of the same ways that they do in a traditional setting; however to those student that are taking courses virtually; most communication is electronic.  If students fall behind in their work, the instructors will set up a schedule with the student and parents to help them get back on pace.

Q. What sort of standardized testing do the Virtual/Online students take?
A. Students in the Online/Virtual program take the same standardized tests as students in
the traditional setting. Virtual Students are expected to come on site to take the
assessments as needed.

Q. How can students be successful in an online environment?
A. Research shows that students who possess a high level of selfmotivation and self discipline thrive in online learning environments, but all students can be successful. We work with each student to develop the skills and attitude needed to succeed.

Q. What if I don’t have a computer or Internet at home to us?  Can I still take an online class?
A. Yes.  The district will provide the student with a laptop. If you do not have the Internet at home may make it more challenging to maintain the correct pace but it is possible.  Internet access is available it a number of public places in Hartford including the Jack Russell Memorial Library in downtown Hartford as well as a number of restaurants.


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