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Questions and Answers on the 1 to 1 Computer Program


Q: How will students be trained?

A: The students will learn the important features, use, and care of the laptop during the first few days after receiving it. They also have the option of attending Computer Boot Camp in August.


Q: Will students take the laptops home?

A: Students will be able to take home the laptop after all forms and fees have been turned in.


Q: What if parents want to opt out and not sign the agreement?

A: Our hope is that every parent would sign the agreement but if for some reason a parent does not want to, the district will still give the student a laptop for school use only to accomplish his/her learning tasks.


Q: How will students print?

A: There are printing stations at school. However, printing from a home printer will not be possible.


Q: Will students have network access throughout the school?

A: All buildings in the district have new, industry-standard wireless infrastructure to deliver fast and reliable Internet access to students.


Q: How will appropriate usage of laptops be monitored?

A: The district has an Internet filter in place to restrict access to inappropriate websites. Several types of reports are available to district staff to check on where students are surfing. The district will also have in place monitoring software where teachers will be able to monitor what students are doing at school.


Q: How will laptops be issued and tracked?

A: Laptops are issued to individual students and tracked using serial numbers and asset identifiers.


Q: Where will laptops be stored if not taken home?

A: Students may store the laptops in their lockers or in classrooms.


Q: Where should students charge their laptops?

A: The most ideal location to charge is at home. If the student wants to charge at school, they need to make sure they bring their own charger.


Q: How do we handle inappropriate access to the Internet?

A: The student Acceptable Use Policy and the Network Use Policy will guide how inappropriate access is handled in the district.


Q: Will students be able to connect their laptops to a home network?

A: Yes, instructions will be given to students on how to set up wireless network access at home.


Q: What happens if a student does not have Internet access from home?

A: If this is the case, the student will need to do their work at school or find a location with wireless access, such as the public library.


Q: What happens if the laptop is damaged?

A: If the laptop is damaged intentionally or is damaged in a manner not resulting from normal wear-and-tear, the parent is responsible for paying for the damages. We mandate the usage of a laptop bag. Purchasing a bag directly from the district will act as insurance and will waive any fees resulting from accidental damage (does not cover intentional damage).


Q: What accessories are available for laptops?

A:  Every student/parent is responsible for purchasing a laptop bag for protecting the laptop. District-issued laptop bags are $30 and will act as the student's insurance against accidental damages. Other laptop bags may be used but will not provide insurance benefits. 

Mice and earbuds are also available for purchase, $5 and $2 respectively.

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