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Students of the School District of Hartford Joint No. 1 are entitled to transportation to and from their assigned elementary or middle school building if their residence is two miles or more from that school.  The distance is determined by the shortest walking route along recognized sidewalks and walkways between the student's residence and the applicable district property. 
Students are also entitled to transportation if their walk would be considered "unusually hazardous," defined as an existing transportation condition that constitutes more than an ordinary hazard and seriously jeopardizes the safety of pupils traveling to and from school.  These areas are determined by the Washington County Sheriff's Department (Please see the Business Services web page for more information.)
Students with disabilities may be eligible for district-provided transportation as designated by their Individual Education Plan.

Students that open enroll into the school district are not eligible for transportation.  Students that are approved for a boundary variance to attend a different HJT1 elementary school than what would be assigned based on their residential address are not eligible for transportation.
If your student does not qualify for transportation, your student will not be allowed to ride a school bus unless there is an emergency and the student's school office is notified.
Any permanent changes necessary to your student's transportation plan need to be communicated to the District Administrative Office immediately at 262-673-3155 and implementation requires at least one week advance notice. 

The school district contracts with GoRiteway to provide student transportation.  To learn more about GoRiteway please visit their website using the button below.

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