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HJT1 Board of Education Goals

2022-25 (Three -Year Plan)

Continue to Make School Safety a Priority

  • Improve and augment safety and crisis management plans – including an annual report and collaboration with Hartford Police and Hartford Fire & Rescue Departments.
  • Practice drills to better enhance preparedness.
  • Upon completion of drills, debrief to assist in upgrading safety practices.


Be Responsive to Making Decisions that are Student Centered

  • Work on measuring District priorities and maximizing student learning.
  • Set specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely expectations via continuous improvement plans.
  • Implement programs that accelerate unfinished learning as well as enrich and advance core learning.
  • Celebrate accomplishments that support desired outcomes.
  • Provide professional development that is individualized, meaningful and best practice to support student learning.
  • Nurture the staff and parent/guardian relationship to support student learning.


Promote Fiscal Responsibility

  • Create, optimize, develop and maintain a sustainable balanced budget that reflects District needs and the community's expectations.
  • Develop long-range plans for maintenance and capital improvements.
  • Communicate success to staff and public.
  • Promote extended learning opportunities with the use of ESSER funds.
  • Leverage opportunities to retain high quality staff.
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