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Medication Information

All medication should be administered by the child's parents. If, under exceptional circumstances, a child is required to take medication during school hours and the parents cannot be present to administer it, only the principal of the building or his/her designee will administer the medication. However, before school personnel can administer any medication, the proper medication form must be completed and on file in the school office. There are no exceptions. These forms are available in the school office, District Office, and are attached below for your convenience.

For any prescription medication, written instructions signed by the physician issuing the prescription will be required, as well as the parent's/guardian's signature. For any non-prescription medication, written instructions signed by the parent will be required.

Any medication, prescription, or non-prescription, must be delivered by the parent/guardian and in its original container. Children may not transport medication to school. However, students may carry certain prescribed emergency medication such as inhalers or Epipens if the school has written approval from the parent and medical provider. School personnel will not be held liable if the medication is not given in a timely manner. All medication will be stored in a secure location in the school. there will be a periodic review of all information. Each school will be responsible for establishing a record keeping procedure for each child receiving medication according to prescription/non-prescription guidelines.

Medication Forms

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