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New to Hartford Jt. #1 5K Students

Children that are age-eligible for five-year-old kindergarten (five years old on or before September 1, 2021) and are not currently attending the Hartford Jt. #1 4K program, will be considered new students to the district. They will be required to attend a screening over the summer months to determine their readiness level upon entering the kindergarten year if they have not attended a public school Wisconsin 4K program. Parents are encouraged to contact the Pupil Services Department (262) 673-8042 to schedule an appointment for their child after completing online enrollment. Online enrollment for all new students will begin in January 2021.

Current Hartford Jt. #1 4K Students ~ 5K 2021-2022

Students currently attending the Hartford Jt. #1 4K program will receive general information about kindergarten registration in May 2021 through school. In July 2021, parents will receive information in the mail providing them guidance on how to complete student online registration for Fall 2021.

Early Admission to Five-Year-Old Kindergarten

Early admission applications for those children who will be five years old on or before October 15, 2021 must be submitted before April 15, 2021. Contact the Pupil Services Department (262) 673-8042 for additional information and materials on early admission.

5K Forms due to Pupil Services Office:

5K Medical Form

5K Dental Form

5K Vision Form

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