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New to Hartford Jt. #1 5K Students

Children that are age-eligible for five-year-old kindergarten (five years old on or before September 1, 2024) and are not currently attending the Hartford Jt. #1 4K program, will be considered new students to the district. They will be required to attend a screening over the summer months to determine their readiness level upon entering the kindergarten year if they have not attended a public school Wisconsin 4K program. Parents are encouraged to contact the Pupil Services Department (262) 673-8042 to schedule an appointment for their child after completing online enrollment. Online enrollment for all new students will begin in January 2024.

Current Hartford Jt. #1 4K Students ~ 5K 2023-2024

Students currently attending the Hartford Jt. #1 4K program will receive general information about kindergarten registration in May 2024 through school. In July 2024, parents will receive information in the mail providing them guidance on how to complete student online registration for Fall 2024.

Early Admission to Five-Year-Old Kindergarten

Early admission applications for those children who will be five years old on or before October 15, 2024 must be submitted before April 15, 2024. Contact the Pupil Services Department (262) 673-8042 for additional information and materials on early admission.

5K Forms due to Pupil Services Office:

5K Medical Form

5K Dental Form


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who do I contact regarding transportation for my child to and/or from school?

District Policy EEA Student Transportation Services states, “All K-8 public and private school students living outside the city limits and within the boundaries of the School District of Hartford Joint No. 1 shall be transported to and from school.  When required, the Board of Education will enter into a private contract with parents to transport their children.  All students residing within identified hazardous transportation areas will be transported to and from their assigned school.”

  • If your child is eligible for district provided transportation, (you live 2 or more miles from school or outside the city limits) more information is provided at goriteway.com, or contact the Go Riteway bus company at (262) 673-3777.
  • For additional information on transportation exceptions for non-eligible, open enrolled or babysitting students please see District policy EEAB; revised September 16, 2014. 


  1. Who should I contact if I need before or after school childcare?
  • Childcare is available through Sycamore Tree (262) 673-0161, Happy Hollow (262) 673-3005 and the    

       Dream Center (262) 673-3154.

  • Boys and Girls Club of America has an afterschool program for children age 6 and up. For more    

       information call (262) 334-3732.


  1. My child has health issues of concern, what should I do?
  • Be sure to complete the Medical Emergency Verification Form as part of your enrollment.
  • If you have serious health concerns, you may contact the School Nurse at (262) 673-8042 ext. 4113 or via email khevrdejs[at]hjt1[dot]org  


  1. I have questions about qualifying for free or reduced breakfast/lunch for my child, who should I contact?
  • To determine if you qualify for the free or reduced lunch program, you may visit our website at www.hjt1.org .  Click on the link for District Information and then Hot Lunch Program.  The application is available online for you to complete.  Families will receive information through the mail in July regarding the free or reduced breakfast/lunch program.


  1. Is breakfast offered at school?
  • Breakfast is an option for students. 
    • If your child walks or is dropped off at school, breakfast is served at 7:50 a.m.
    • If your child rides the bus, breakfast is served as soon as the bus arrives.


  1. Does my child need to memorize a pin number in order to be able to take hot lunch?
  • Students will be given time and assistance to learn their pin number.


  1. Is there a way that I may request my child attend the elementary school not in my residence school area?
  • Yes, you will first need to send a letter to the District Administrator requesting a boundary variance.  Be sure to indicate your reasons for making the request.
  • A boundary request is not guaranteed.  A boundary variance request will be granted only if the class sizes allow.
  • Busing will not be provided at District expense to accommodate a transfer to another school by parent request.



  1. When is the Kindergarten Orientation and how important is it that I attend?
  • KG orientation is the first day of school, parents attend the orientation meeting in the morning,

       students stay for the rest of the school day.

  • It is very important to attend the orientation meeting in order to learn more about your child’s

       kindergarten experience.

  • You will hear about the curriculum, structure of the school day, and how to best support your child.
  • Teachers and building principals will be available to answer any questions you may have.


  1. Is there an Open House at my child’s school?
  • Open House will be held at Rossman Elementary School and Lincoln Elementary School in August.


  1. When will I find out who my child’s teacher will be?
  • Class lists will be determined and communicated in late August.
  • More information will be available in the principal letter coming home in summer.


  1.  How do I get involved in my child’s education?
  • Attend the orientation meeting
  • Read all notices and letters that come home.  Be sure to check your child’s backpack.
  • Attend PTO meetings. 
  • Volunteer to help at your child’s school events or in the classroom.
  • Stay in contact with your child’s teacher/principal.


  1. How can I help my child be successful?
  • Read to and with your child.


  1. How will I know how my child is doing in kindergarten?
  • You will see work samples coming home in your child’s backpack.
  • Talk to your child about what they are learning in school.
  • Be sure to attend Parent-Teacher conferences held in October.
  • Standards-based reports cards are sent home quarterly.


  1. If I have any additional questions regarding kindergarten for my child, whom should I contact?
  • If the question is related to completing forms you may contact Pupil Services at (262) 673-8042.
  • If the question is related to curriculum or building-specific questions, contact the building principal. 
    • For Lincoln Elementary, contact Neil Hanlon at (262) 673-2100 or via email at NHanlon[at]hjt1[dot]org.
    • For Rossman Elementary, contact Doan Bui at (262) 673-3300 or via email at Bui[at]hjt1[dot]org.
    • If you have a question over the summer, you may call or leave a message for the building principals.

Please see our Parent-Student Handbook for additional information

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