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Survey-Community Engagement Committee

In the summer of 2022, the HJT1 Board of Education established a Survey-Community Engagement Committee with the intention of collecting feedback from district stakeholders about the reallocation of ESSER III funds and also collecting feedback from internal and external audiences on topics including employee engagement and community engagement. This committee identified three activities for 2022-23 including:

  1. Focus Group: ESSER III Funding
  2. Employee Listening Sessions
  3. Employee Engagement Survey
  4. Employee Engagement Work Group - Work Group Summary


TIMELINE of Events (Updated 7/21/22)
Board of Education Committee Co-Chairs: Erin Wilk and Don Pridemore


Focus Group

On August 9 and 11, 2022, a group of 14 HJT1 stakeholders gathered as a Focus Group with the goal of providing feedback to the HJT1 administrative team on the possible reallocation of ESSER funds based upon District-level priorities. The focus group participants included represented district staff, administrators, board members, community members and community partners. Focus group participants included:

  • Sarah Feltner, HJT1 staff
  • Kris Ford, HJT1 staff
  • Jennifer Grierach, HJT1 staff
  • Joe Navarre, HJT1 staff
  • Suzanne Sherman, HJT1 staff
  • Tasha Vogel, HJT1 staff
  • Sharad Kumar, community member / parent
  • Barb Lindert, community member
  • Maria Gutierrez Gurrola, community partner
  • Doan Bui, HJT1 administrator
  • Neil Hanlon, HJT1 administrator
  • Cheryl Simonson, HJT1 administrator
  • Joe Viste, HJT1 administrator
  • Erin Wilk, HJT1 board member
  • Dorreen Dembski, facilitator
  • LeaAnn Odekirk, facilitator

Summary of Results from the Focus Group

Update: At the October 25, 2022 Board of Education meeting, Cheryl Simonson presented the following ESSER III reallocation recommendations based on feedback received at the focus group sessions.  ESSER III Reallocation Recommendations

Staff Listening Sessions & Survey

The purpose of the staff listening sessions was to gather input to be used to guide the development of a District-wide staff survey. The value of the listening session input was limited to qualitative data. Themes from the sessions were used to guide the district to where it might further investigate its climate and culture so as to better inform a plan for improvement or future strategic plan. Six staff listening sessions were held between July-September, 2022, with 26 attendees representing all both support staff and certified staff from all three schools and the district office. 

The purpose of the fall staff engagement survey is to obtain feedback on the District’s culture to implement systemic improvements so that our District can be the best it can be.

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